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Working together to improve the way people create, organize, and distribute important knowledge.

Who are we?

  • We are a white hat (law abiding) creation collective, open to anyone.
  • We recognize that to create effective change, we need to understand why the system broken, and especially to understand the forces that are holding it back.
  • We create critical software tools, and spread important messages about public policy.

What is the problem?

We know that the status quo is broken.

  • Tax funded scientific knowledge is locked away in closed publications. There are few top tier open access publications.
  • Parts of the government fight those trying to use or access data it has been mandated to provide.
  • ...

These are just a few examples of entrenched systems, policies, and organizations that no longer serve the people effectively.

They can be improved, or even recreated in better forms - and we live in a time of incredible opportunity. For an example:

  • A single programmer can build and maintain the infrastructure for an open access scientific journal.
  • A single writer or academic can get key people in a field on board.
  • The same is true for almost any field!

Our goal is to change "the system" for the collective good, creating new systems where necessary.

What are we doing?

Solving problems like:

With projects like:

Why does this exist?

  • We need a place where individuals can see how they can help - there are many, many people who care about these issues, and they can come here to learn what they can do, and kickstart their own projects.
  • We also need a place to discuss the details of these issues in an organized manner if we want to really move forward with novel solutions against difficult obstacles.
  • There has been an incredible amount of momentum on these issues in Aaron's wake. We may never live in the world he would have created, but we can try, and this one attempt to make that happen.


We are inspired by Aaron Swartz; his memory, work, and legacy. This site, a continual work in progress, is built on Semantic MediaWiki, the same platform that Wikipedia uses, with the addition of semantic tools that build upon Aaron's early work with RSS and RDF.